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Artist, Writer, Illustrator




1892 - 1930

Artist, Writer, Illustrator

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Tom Seidmann Freud had one daughter, Angela, born in Berlin on 1922, who emigrated to Israel in 1939 just before the war, and changed her name to Aviva.

We assume that Aviva took some items with her when moving to Israel, while most of Tom's original works were kept in Germany during the war and as far as we know were sent to Aviva on the 50's.

The majority of the works is kept at Aviva's three children possession who all live in Israel. The site itself was created and maintained by the family.  

Artist, Writer, Illustrator

Artist, Writer, Illustrator


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Selected drawings, photographs, and books (1902–30)
Grimmwelt Kassel, Kassel

This presentation is dedicated to the memory of Aviva Harari (Seidmann), Tom's only daughter, 1922–2011.

Courtesy of Tom Seidmann-Freud’s grandchildren: Amnon Harari, Ayala Drori, and Osi Gevim, Israel.

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